Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Free SMS Trick for Tata Docomo

Tata Docomo one of the best growing mobile network in India has its own plans to send SMS.So to get into the security of Tata docomo is very difficult and So that the free sms and GPRS tricks was not available.However at this stage we have the latest trick to get free sms on the Tata  Docomo mobile.Below I mentioned the latest trick to get free SMS in your Tata Docomo mobile.Have a  look into this trick and apply the trick to get free SMS in your Tata Docomo.

There are three Steps to activate the free SMS trick in your Tata docomo.Read each step very carefully to activate this free trick

Step1: Free GPRS in Tata docomo

Step 1 is very simple just send an sms as JOIN to 121.You will get some replay messages in your message inbox.

Step 2 : Free GPRS in Tata docomo

Step 2 is just opposite to the step 1 .Now we are going to deactivate the activated zones for free.For this purpose you have to send an SMS as QUIT to 121.You will also get confirmation message for this message.

Step3 :Free GPRS in Tata docomo

This step is not as part of the free SMS acivation.This is the step of confirming or verifying that you got free SMS in Tata Docomo.For the same purpose you have to send an  sms as BAL to 121.
You will get replay message with your account details.
This is the latest trick to activate free SMS on your tata docomo mobile.


Sumeet pal said...

I did't recieve any conformation msg regarding free sms pack etc.

Im3g said...

for more free gprs tricks...

Kundan Singh said...

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